*** now serving our WINTER MENU ***


All our food is made using local, fantastic quality, full-flavoured free-range ingredients

Our food is more a little something to compliment your evening rather than an extensive menu. Having said that, the food we do offer is of very high quality and mostly locally sourced.

WINTER MENU: Hot tasty Farmcafe pies served with a chunk of warm buttered Trencher bread

SUMMER MENU: Our Ploughman's - 2 local cheeses, local chutneys & Trencher bread

WINTER MENU - our cheesy Trenchers are baked in our wood-fired range with melted local Wissington cheese & a sprinkling of smoked paprika

'FREE FROM' MENU: Hodmedod's organic Vaal Dhal - made using British grown fava beans & mild aromatic spices. All items on the 'FREE FROM' menu are free from meat, dairy & gluten

'FREE FROM' MENU: home made smoky bean stew made using locally grown beans

'FREE FROM' MENU: home made cheatballs in spicy tomato sauce. Made using beans and quinoa which are grown locally, served in a mildly spicy sauce

Our WINTER MENU comes into play when there's frost on the ground - & then the eagerly-awaited Farmcafe pies return. These pies are handmade for us using local ingredients & then we heat them in our wood-fired range in the public bar.  The tasty 'Hot Cheesey Trencher' (local cheese melted onto Trencher bread and topped with smoked paprika) is also a popular winter offering, as are the locally made Nossage rolls which are filled with a tasty blend of veg and herbs & served either hot or cold.. During winter we also serve the FREE FROM menu - see below.

Our SUMMER MENU includes a wonderful local Cheese Ploughman's (entirely local ingredients - even the butter!) featuring two local cheeses, a chunk of locally made 'trencher' bread, local chutneys & pickles. Our Sweffling pizza is made using sundried tomato pesto, Sweffling wild garlic pesto, local cheese and a sprinkling of herbs. Small, but packed with flavour! Also available is the amazing Smokey Chilli pizza - with Stokes chilli jam & smoked paprika
Our tasty Pork Pies are made for us by the lovely folks at The Farmcafe - using Blythburgh free range pork. They are served with a pickled onion and some Stokes Sticky Pickle.
The popular Nossage rolls are locally made and filled with a tasty blend of veg and herbs - and can be served hot or cold.
We also offer cheese & pickle rolls - again all made using the above fantastic ingredients. During summer we also serve the FREE FROM menu - see below.

Our FREE FROM menu is available all year, regardless of the season. Our smoky bean stew is home made using Hodmedod's beans and peas which are locally grown, in a rich and smoky tomato sauce. The organic Vaal Dhal is made by Hodmedod's using locally grown fava beans cooked with a blend of mild and aromatic spices. Our cheatballs in spicy tomato sauce are home made using Hodmedod's beans and quinoa which are locally grown, and served in a mildly spicy tomato sauce. All the items on our 'free from' menu are made without meat, dairy and gluten.

SNACKS include local roasted & salted broad beans, peanuts, yummy Bombay mix, tasty crisps (from Brown Bag Crisps) and pork scratchings.

we offer a wide range of very good quality snacks

the perfect accompaniment to a pint

Bombay mix

Thanks to Craig Girling for most of the photos on this page