Last month we hosted our first ever in-person Busk Night since February 2020!  For those of your who have never been: Busk Nights, hosted by Lady J, are a wonderful laid-back opportunity for anyone to get up & share their talent.  Anything goes – from story-telling, music (all genres) spoken word, comedy, improv, rap & much more!  If you’re not keen to be centre of attention, you can come along & enjoy some fine ale and first-rate entertainment.

August’s busk – the first back in ‘real life’ – was diverse & magical. We spent the evening outside in the beer garden since the pub building itself was yet to re-open.  The drinks flowed & everyone was in superb spirits, encouraging each other & enjoying the entertainment.  There were over 50 people here – lots participating and lots enjoying the show. We had such a brilliant mixture – folk, rap, jazz & loads more. It is amazing to see the level and diversity of the talent we’re harbouring in our little corner of Suffolk.

Thanks so much to all who came, all the performers and of course a massive thank you to Justine (Lady J). Justine has worked tirelessly to keep the busk going during the pandemic – hosting the event online for the past 18 months – so it’s a real pleasure to have her back in the pub. The photos don’t adequately capture the magic – but those here really felt it. Justine has some videos and more photos on her Facebook page which are definitely a must-see.