I can’t wait to host live music again at The Sweffling White Horse. Our music or open mic nights were always the highlights of our calendar and during 2020 I’ve really admired how independent artists and creatives have adapted and found ways to survive in such a challenging climate. After all, isn’t it music, books, art and various forms of creativity that we’ve all turned to to see us through bleak months of lock-down & uncertainty?

Until musicians can go back to live performances here are some ways you can support your favourites:

  • Follow them on social media and like, share save and comment as much as you can – these actions boost the visibility of their page so more people are likely to discover them.
  • Always see if you can purchase physical (CDs, vinyl etc) or digital content directly from the artist. Check which their most beneficial provider is eg they can make decent money from bandcamp but almost nothing on Spotify.
  • If you’re streaming music do everything you can to support them: Saving tracks to your devices, following the artist, pre-saving or listening to tracks on their release date all help to raise the profile of your favourite artists on streaming services. These things give them more chance of being picked up by the algorithms on these sites and having their tracks added to popular playlists which will help get them better known & maybe even earn them a little revenue.
  • Join their mailing list if they have one.
  • Actively seek out and support crowd-funding campaigns. If you’re not financially able to support; why not share them on you social media pages to encourage greater exposure?
  • If the artist has a Patreon account support it at whichever level you can afford. Most artists will offer tiered support, with the lowest being a few pounds a month.
  • Actively seek out new music. Search online or on streaming services, ask your friends for recommendations. There are also loads of apps and websites that will generate a recommended playlist based on your current tastes. There’s a lot of music out there with artists just waiting and hoping to get heard.
  • If you’ve just discovered an artist and they have a back-catalogue of releases; buy it when you can afford to do so. It may have something different/interesting on there. But also, many artists will have boxes of old releases in the lofts & garages so buying their back-catalogue is a great way of putting cash straight into their pocket.
  • When gigs start again PLEASE come out and see them, buy a ticket or put some money in the hat.
  • While gigs are impossible consider hosting a home-concert. Hire an artist to play via zoom (or similar) and raise some money in the process.