As much as we can all agree the last year has been the longest 12months in human history; I almost can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s soon to be March 2021.  There’s still a little part of my brain that’s still stuck in March 2020!

Collectively the last year seems like a very long, lonely stint.  I know there were times we were able to get out and see people in between the lockdowns but viewed backwards it seems like forever since we made meaningful connections with people face to face.

Phone calls, messages and zoom have been a social lifeline to so many of us but one of my favourite ways I’ve noticed people connecting is by sending letters and gifts to their loved ones through the post.  Whether it’s a handmade card, a packet of seeds or a full-blow care package; receiving post these days is an exciting event!

This month we launched a new initiative inspired by the amazing ways you’ve been surprising and treating each other via post.  Our ‘Post a pint to a pal’ service is now available for anyone wanting to surprise a friend local to the Sweffling White Horse. 

How it works:

In line with our regular beer delivery service:

  • Head to the ‘drinks’ tab of our website to see what we have available on the day of your order.  We update this frequently with new draught ales, and sometimes food too.
  • Send an email to with your order.  Give us your order for drinks, the address you’d like it sent to with any special directions or instructions to help us find it.  Make sure to leave us a phone number in case we have any trouble. We’ll label up your order if it’s as a gift for someone else so make sure you tell us if you have a special message for the recipient!
  • Place orders by 5pm or 11am for Sunday lunch.
  • Pay via this link, or the one on the drinks page of our website.
  • We’ll deliver your order between 6-7pm that same day, or 1-2pm on Sundays. 

I know there are lots of people we’d all like to share a drink with right now. And even though we have some very exciting light at the end of the tunnel on the form of the vaccine & a planned route out of the current lockdown; we still have a little wait until we’re reunited. With this in mind it’s important to keep making the effort to stay in touch, keep checking in on your friends, family & neighbours. Whether you’re posting them pints, picking up the phone or waving at your neighbours, make sure to stay connected to your communities.